Stephen Hawkin

Topics: Human, Moon, Colonization of Mars Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Mark bruscino
Paper 4- “Hawken calls for moon and mars colonies”

Theoretical thinking from Afar

Since the landing of the moon to now, humans have progressively wanted to know more about space. David Shiga’s article,“ Hawken calls for Moon and Mars colonies”, references Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist and his devotion to have NASA place ten times the amount of there current budget of the world’s financial resources to space. Mankind faces nuclear Armageddon and must build colonies on Mars and beyond, as stated by Stephen Hawking. Student Halie Westin believes that, “ All this Mars colonization talk is out of control. We have enough problems on Earth that need attention, we don’t need to make more by going to Mars,” annulling Hawking’s argument. Hawking would respond to Westin’s comment with pure disgust being that colonizing space could be an insurance policy with the possibility of extinction of humanity, Mars already has had life there in the past, and through technology Mars can obtain sustainable living conditions. Hawking’s believes that by colonizing space, it is an admirable insurance policy against the possible extinction of humanity amongst the earth. There are constantly harsh catastrophes occurring, whether it’s nuclear war or climate change. Land is destroyed constantly by hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters that leave land left in shambles. Wearing away of land does not make for a suitable living condition for any sort of life. The constant erosion will lead to little to no stability. When occurrences like these happen it is nearly essential to have other options to uphold humanization. Expanding to other solar systems can be the next best thing. With Westin’s argument she is agreeing that problems on earth do occur, but what is it that we can do to prevent such things? Hawking finds that life on Mars is a better future, this allows people to have a chance at life rather then being destroyed by current issues on...
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