Stephen Fry Review of Video Cameras Essay

Topics: Pronoun, Camera, Video camera Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Question 1
Text A is a newspaper article in which Stephen Fry reviews video cameras. Stephen Fry has written this article to liken the ‘Flip’ and the ‘Vado pocket video cam’ and decide on which is the better one to buy. The audience he is aiming for are people looking to buy a new video camera and therefore a combination of persuasive and exaggerative language is used. Fry begins with a minor sentence ‘video’. The concrete noun affirms what the text is going to be about and Fry can establish the audience he intended for straight away. It has a short and snappy effect showing the reader that Fry’s review is straight to the point. Fry follows this noun with the repetition of the second personal possessive pronoun ‘your’. He is highlighting how it is the reader’s decision on what camera they want to buy. This makes the reader feel involved and more likely to read on with a positive insight. Furthermore the triad “you point, you press a button and you record” combined with the second personal pronouns shows Fry is emphasising how easy cameras are to use and ‘you’ the reader can. The use of the triad creates a step by step sentence that in a way patronises the reader, saying they’re thick if they can’t work a camera. In the opening paragraph, Fry uses the words ‘fun’ and ‘the young’. This persuasive language follows a colloquial tone and this creates an excitement that the reader can experience if they purchase one of the cameras. Fry keeps this anticipation alive by repeating the note at the end of the article- “have fun and stay young”. This leaves the reader wanting what the words possess and are most likely satisfied with Fry’s review. The use of the present simple tense throughout the review emphasises how contemporary the cameras are. The reader is satisfied that the Flip still has “a tripod, and ‘action mount’, underwater housing...” and the Vado still has the “lithium-ion unit”. This gives the review relevance and the reader feels more confident that Fry is...
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