Stephen Davis Letter

Topics: Teacher, Rhode Island, High school Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: April 29, 2013
East Providence High School
100 Pawtucket Avenue

2 March 2013

Ms. Jones
5 Hill Street
East Providence, RI 02914

Dear Ms. Jones:

I would like to inform you of a conference that will be being held on the day your son Stephen returns after his three-day suspension, as well as address a few other things in this letter. To clarify, Stephen was not suspended for an overdue library book. He was suspended for the theft of a reference book in the library used by all Social Studies students that is a primary source of information. Stephen’s social studies teacher, Mrs. Raposa, questioned several students including Stephen when she found out the book was missing. Mrs. Raposa was suspicious of Stephen taking the book from the library because he was the last person to be in the library before the book went missing. Due to this suspicious Mrs. Raposa got permission to have his locker opened and checked. Upon doing this the book was found in his locker. Stephen was not pleased by this and he when he was approached by Mrs. Raposa he began to use threatening and obscene language towards her. Immediately after that he was sent to principal where he was put on for a three-day suspension.

This is Stephens first time being suspended; however he has had three detentions in the past semester for excessive talking in class, but nothing as serious as theft. Not only that, but his grades are not looking very well either. He has a D in math as well as a C in both English and Social Studies. He has an A in science and his teacher said he had “one of the most creative science projects he has seen in years”. Stephen comes from a hard-working family and I am aware that his sister graduated last June. I would really like to see Stephen follow the steps of his parents and his sister, because these are great role models to have. Upon Stephens return we will have a sit-down...
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