Step by Wicked Step

Topics: Family, Stepfamily, Problem solving Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Based on the novel choose a character who faces challenges with courage. Explain why you have chosen him/her with examples from the text. Step By Wicked Step
A character who faces challenges with courage in ‘step by Wicked Step’ By Anne Fine is Pixie. In the conflict between Pixie and her stepmother Lucy, Pixie quarrels with her stepmother after her stepsister Hetty complains to Lucy about Pixie’s semi-silent treatment of her. Pixie is jealous of Hetty and does everything possible to get her out of her room when Hetty moves in to share her room. Lucy then decide to solve problems by talking to Pixie but fails when they argue loudly. Pixie voices out all her ill-feelings and anger towards Lucy and her Daughters. She says that the family will never be happy because of their differences. Pixie’s father appears then but quickly disappears as he does not want to interfere. He wants them to resolve their differences on their own. Lucy is disappointed with Pixie for not trying integrate n admix with the family even though she has tried her best to make the girl feel welcome. Pixie however, feels there is nothing to do there as she has no friends. Besides her mother does not like her going there. Her father too would not help her to settle down in Lucy’s house while her stepsister only annoyed her. After expressing all their frustrations, both cried and the made up. Pixie exhibits extreme courage here when she finally faces the truth and accepts the challenges in her life. She sees the problem of divorce from another person’s perspective when Lucy voices out her frustrations. Both do their best to get along with each other after that. Pixie begins to tolerate her stepsister’ irritating behavior, even asking Hetty to help with her homework. She learns that living with a stepfamily is not easy
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