Step by Wicked Step

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Colin’s story: The Bluebird of Happiness

Narrator: Hello everyone. Today I’m going to tell you about Colin’s story – The Bluebird of Happiness. Siew Sheng as Colin is the main character of the story and now let’s begin with the story.

Narrator: Colin never knew his real father. His mum left his father a few weeks after he was born. She says he was a bit of a rough-house and they were much safer away from him. Then she took up with his dad. Colin calls him that because he came when he was eight months old, and don’t remember any time before that. He looks a bit like Colin, anyway. His hair is dark, like him, though he has silver patches over his ears. He knows the words of practically every song you’ve ever heard, and he rolls his own cigarettes out of tobacco in a tin. And he can’t sit on a park bench without every dog in the world coming up to say hello to him. Sometimes they even try to follow him home. By the way, Colin calls him Dad, but he has so many nicknames for him… Such as Col. Collie. Sonny-boy. Buster. Mr Bluebird… But Colin don’t even know why is he called Mr Bluebird.

Narrator: Alright, let’s get on. Colin’s mum worked in a shop, so it was Dad who walked him to school and back. He got his tea, and took him to the park. Colin used to swing as high as the bar, then lean over so far backwards that, when he swung down again, his hair brushed the woodchips, and all the clouds rolled underneath his feet. (Act it after saying)

Narrator: And so his Dad will tease him: Who you think you are? The bluebird of happiness? (Dad rolls cigarette and shoo the dogs, get home)

(Before that, everyone is helping to move furniture)
Narrator: Colin and his mum are moving to a new house, but Colin doesn’t really know where are they moving to and he don’t even realize that his Dad is not following them.

Colin: Mum, who’s going to have the flat after us? (Mum gives her a funny sideways look and ignores him)

(Starts the journey, in the van)
Colin: Where are we going?

Mum: Somewhere nice.

Narrator: After they moved in,

Colin: Mum, when’s Dad coming? When will he be here? Will he be here for my birthday?

Narrator: And she always came out with the same old answer,

Mom: Soon. When he’s ready. When he can. It was all right for you. You didn’t know the half of it.

Narrator: Colin had to start at another school. For Colin, it wasn’t nice because everyone had friends already. Nobody bothered with him. (Classmates act unfriendly) While her Mum found a job in a canteen, and when she came home she was always too busy doing things like making toast and finding clothes, and too tired to talk much about herself. (Make yourself busy and tired)

Mum: Ahh, the canteen is so noisy! It had given me a headache, and my legs ached all day.

Colin: Mum, then when will dad be here?

Mum: Soon.

(In Colin’s room)
Narrator: Sometimes Colin thinks about his Dad and pretends that he’s there. He even ‘talk’ to him, too.

Colin: Dad, I’m going to give you a little small quiz about me today. What are my favourite animals?

Dad: It’s 3D! Dog, Dolphin and Donkey.

Colin: I hate that teacher.

Dad: Miss Alice?

Colin: Yeah.

Colin: Dad, I couldn’t sleep.

Dad: Worrying for tomorrow’s test?

Colin: Uh huh.

(At home, Mum’s talking on the phone)
Colin: Mum, who’s that? (Mum didn’t answer) Mum, when’s Dad coming?

Mum: Ah, soon.

Colin: When will he be here?

Mum: When he’s ready.

Colin: Will he be here for my birthday?

Mum: When he can. It was all right for you. You only saw his good side, you didn’t know the half of it.

Narrator: And then Colin started to write letters, and he didn’t tell his Mum about this either. He doesn’t want his Mum to post it for him too in case she threw it away.

Narrator: But it doesn’t matter. There was no reply after he posted so many letters. He thought, maybe Dad...
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