Stench of Kerosene

Topics: Family, Marriage, Sociology Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Name:-Prashant Kumar
Corse:-B.A.ECO 1st year
Q:-Amrita Pritam’s story is a realistic and unbiased depiction of social relation in rural India .Discuss. Ans:-“Stench of kerosene” by Amrita pritam is a depiction of our social construction of society which deals with woman condition and social stigma and belief. It discusses relation between mother –son, husband-wife in rural India. It pictures poignant indictment of marriage that still exists in Indian villages. It has portrayed marriage as an act of producing children in domestic front which exists till now. It has figured woman as a machine for manufacturing young ones. And in some stance it shows the patriarchal view. In the first section of story Guleri seems very involved in her life .she was a good daughter and a good wife. Manek loved him very much but due to the dominance of her mother he was not able to overcome the echelon of suppression. Manek’s mother authoritarian figure in the whole story has come upon in a dominant manner. She is the decision maker of the family which we do not find generally in Indian rural households. Often in rural India women is subjugated and oppressed and are not given the proper due. ‘You have been away for a long time’ exclaimed his mother ‘Did you all the way to chamba?’

This line clearly depicts how her mother reins her house. She always seems to keep manek under her control. To this manek replied with heavy tone ‘Not all the way to the top of the hill’
His heavy tone was the sign of his awareness that his mother is going to tie his not with another woman since guleri was not able to bore even a single child. This non acceptance of the disability to bear a single child clearly illustrates that woman in society even in the urban field is only supposed to produce children’s. Also the decision of manek‘s second marriage was taken without the consent of Guleri. This cast a shadow of importance given to the women even also when the decision is related...
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