Stem Cell Research Paper

Topics: Stem cell, Cell, Developmental biology Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Stem Cell Research
American Military University

This Paper explores the fine lines of study regarding Stem Cell Research. We’ll discuss the Stem Cell basics to include the importance for use, the effects of repairing the body, and the possible benefits to curing diseases and illnesses. As well shed light on the Ethics regarding the use of Stem Cells. To include but not limited to the debate regarding the procedure is immorally wrong (ethically speaking), the death of unborn embryos, and the socially viewed standpoint. Lastly we’ll discuss the stem cell pros as one newly discovered alternative that could be used besides unborn embryos. The importance of newly found methods are further being researched today and other alternatives could potentially be found without the use of embryonic stem cells.

Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research has had much hysteria over the effects and implications as to its use in our world today and possibly one of the most delicately debated topics of our time. Let’s further review the few areas regarding Stem Cell Research. First we’ll discuss the stem cell basics including the types of significance, the ability to repair the body as cure diseases. Secondly, we’ll discuss the ethics regarding the use of stem cell’s, immoral repercussions, and social point of view. Lastly we’ll discuss many of the pros and an alternative means to human embryos. The outcome of stem cell research could one day save lives; thus the in-depth look at different views could bring more a proactive approach to such a sensitive topic of today. The use of stem cells should be on the mind of every scientist since this research is valuable to our everyday lives, and to the future of technology in medical research.

The idea of using stem cells itself can lead to amazing benefits to mankind and has the potential to set a new age of advancement in medicine. The stem cells have the potential to develop into...
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