Stem Cell Research Assignment

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Stem Cell Research Assignment
Pauline Spathis
Grand Canyon University: Daniel Brown
PHI 305
June 10, 2012

Stem Cell Research Assignment
The Update: Stem-Cell Research article discusses the controversial issue of whether or not the government should provide federal funding to stem-cell research. Stem-cells have the extraordinary potential in developing into many different cell types in the body. In fact, stem-cells consist of two significant characteristics which distinguish them from any other cell types (Stem Cell Basics, 2009). The first important characteristic is that stem-cells have the capability into renewing themselves through cell division. The second characteristic is that under scientific experimental conditions, stem-cells can be manipulated to become tissue or organ specific cells, such as for the bone-marrow, stem-cells divide to either repair or replace damaged tissue (Stem Cell Basics, 2009). Scientists and advocates have theorized the endless possibilities of curing or treating various diseases using stem-cells, including heart disease, breast cancer, leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, etc. In addition, advocates for stem-cell research feel that federal funding is vital in continuing research in an attempt to lead to life-saving and life-enhancing treatments for diseases. Opponents argue that embryonic stem-cell research is immoral because it is equivalent to murder (Update: Stem Cell Research, 2007). Therefore, let us further examine the debate on whether or not the government should provide federal funding for stem-cell research, as well as my personal perspective on stem-cell research.

On August 9, 2001, President Bush announced his ruling on stem-cell research, stating that he would allow existing embryonic stem-cell lines to continue to be federally funded, however would ban all funding for any new stem-cell research (Update: Stem Cell Research, 2007). Since...
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