Stem Cell Research

Topics: Stem cell, Developmental biology, Embryonic stem cell Pages: 7 (2226 words) Published: May 5, 2014
David Oszakiewski
Major Assignment#3

Stem Cells: A Life Long Debate
Stem cell research and therapy has been one of the most acclaimed debates in history. This topic has many people separated with its capability to have diverse views on the subject. The various views on this can consist of the pro and con use of stem cells, all the way to the pro life, pro-choice debates. Because of this, it has been very hard to get any legislation passed that will let scientists take a further look into this study. The main components that separate these sides are their moral and religious views. These are the main contributing factors and are the reason for the stalemate between the sides. The main aspect, that makes this debate so controversial, is the fact that there is very little common knowledge about the potential of this research. This brings us to the main questions asked when one is looking into stem cell research. How can legalizing this research worldwide benefit humans, and is the risk greater than the reward? Since the potential of this study is unknown to most people, there is a great push against the research. To these many who do not know, stem cells are the materials that make all bodies mature, and give rise to brain cells, nerve cells, heart cells, pancreatic cells. Which in simpler terms means that stem cells can repair broken or damaged tissue. A misunderstood concept of stem cell research is that embryonic is the only type. Most people around the world do not know that there are actually two types of stem cells. The first, that is common and most controversial today, is Embryonic (also called “pluripotent”). These stem cells are capable of developing into all cell types of the body. The controversial part about this research is that it involves taking cells from an embryo, in which pro life advocates see as detrimental to society. The second type that has just been recently found is adult stem cells. These cells do not have universal application and more difficult to identify. The thing that is so great about these cells is that they can replace damaged and destroyed tissue. Using these cells, we have the potential to replace diseased cells and cure many illnesses like Alzheimer’s. Even knowing a possible potential of this research there are many who see the risks of it to be to greater. That is why the future of this research is unknown and no one has any idea of which direction it may head. Sherrer, Rep. Ben. "Is stem cell research a good option?." Daily Times, The (Pryor, OK) 8 Aug. 2011, Opinion: NewsBank. Web. 4 Nov. 2011. This is an article taken from a community newspaper called the Pryor Daily Times. The author is State Representative Ben Sherrer, who focuses on the positives of stem cell research and what the impact it can make on the medical field to benefit all. He first begins on saying that he alone does not make his judgments in office. Rather he has help from various friends that are experts on the matter he needs knowledge on. In this, he uses the knowledge of his fellow legislator Dr. Cox who is an expert and supporter of stem cell research. Dr. Cox exposes stem cell research for what it really is, and not as a bunch of people killing babies for cells. He points out that most people are not educated on the topic and do not see that most of the embryos used, are not even at the fetus stage. They do not have any nerves or feeling and are only the size of a period. He shows all the opposition to the research that there really is no reason to be against it. He does this by saying there are around 400,000 embryos that are discarded a year. Why can’t these be used to better our understanding of diseases in effort for a cure? Throughout the article Ben Sherrer uses many rhetorical devices to appeal to his audience. In the first paragraph he appeals to ethos right away. He does this by stating that he interviewed a “well respected and trusted medical...
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