Stem Cell Research

Topics: Cancer, Bone marrow, Cell division Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Kelsey Earney
Biology 102 sec 7
Miraculous Treatments on the Horizon

Scientists have pushed the envelope into the unknown, the impossible, and the unethical since the beginning of science. Recently scientists have researched ways to treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, cancer, aids, and several more devastating diseases with no known cures. Scientists have found promising treatments using gene therapy, cloning, and stem cells. There are very few treatments using these techniques that have been approved by the FDA and in turn there are very few labeled as a cure. Many of these treatments are also not available for the public at large, and in order to receive treatment you have to participate in a clinical trial. These treatments have shown promising results but they have also shown terminal effects. It comes as no surprise, that these therapies have raised several debates and controversy. Stem cell, gene, and cloning therapy have amazing implications for all different kinds of diseases and disorders, they should be continued to be researched due to the hopeful and promising success of several clinical trials. In the article, An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer by Denise Grady it tells a hopeful story about a man with late stages of leukemia. William Ludwig joined a clinical trial when his chemotherapy was no longer working. In the trial doctors removed a billion of his t-cells and reprogramed his cells with new genes, that were programed to kill William’s cancer cell. After the transfer of the t-cells he suffered from high blood pressure and a very high temperature. He was placed in intensive care, and doctors feared the worst. Ten days later they found no cancer cells in his body. Months later Mr. Ludwig is still cancer free. The article also tells a story of a woman who received the same treatment for her colon cancer; but she died as a result of the treatment. The protein target on the cancer cells shared the same protein with...
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