Stem Cell Research

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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The Exposure of Stem Cell Research
The debates on stem cell research mainly come from the disputing of embryonic cell research. In the article “The Promise of Stem Cell Research”, written by authors Michael Bay and Matt Ford explains the controversies in the quote that follow. “Many religious groups find the idea of using cells from human embryos morally unacceptable. Others believe the ability to heal the living outweighs these concerns” (Ford, Bay 502). This makes stem cell research very a very controversy issue and the most serious issue discussed in Theme B. From a religious standpoint, I am opposed to stem cell research, but I also feel it is beneficial. First, I am against stem cell research for religious reasons because it is morally wrong for scientist to imitate the acts of God. I also believe when dealing with embryonic cell research it is the same as giving a woman an abortion. Although scientist have come up with research to show proof that these embryos can be turned into any kind of cell, there can also be mishaps that can occur in their these scientists may try to be successful at cloning their deceased child. In this instance these scientist can make a mistake by defecting the cloned species. Mentioned in Theme B, “However our ability to reproduce far exceeds our ability to increase Earth’s capacity to support us” (Audesirk, Audesirk, Byers 491) This quote show that if these scientists begin to produce more clones the environment would be no more due to over population of the earth. Instead of making our issue worst, by over populating the earth by cloning, we should come up with alternate ways in helping people cope with the loss of their loved ones’. Although my religious beliefs prevent me from believing in this research, my knowledge of health makes me more aware of its benefits. In 2001, President Bush opposed to the study of stem cell research; however he approved limited funding because of the promises it had for all the diseases and...
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