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Topics: Stem cell, Human, Skin Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: February 13, 2008
Position paper on Stem Cell Research
New developments in science have increased our overall quality of life. Areas such as medicine, sanitation, and technology, have all benefitted from our increased knowledge of science. Today, we are on the verge of a breakthrough that would be the biggest accomplishment in human science this century. Stem cell research, today's ever present controversial topic, has the potential to be tomorrow's miracle panacea. Stem cells are cells that, depending on the type, have the ability to mutate to any form of human cell. The applications of this seem endless. The controversy emerges from where stem cells are found, embryos. Human embryos are the most pure and potent source of stem cells that we know of today (Stem Cell Information, 2007). Unfortunately, the only way to obtain these kinds of stem cells is to harvest them from the actual embryos. This process brings an issue to human rights, religious views, and the definition of a human being. Though there are many religious groups that believe this research is wrong and inhumane, stem cell research is a vital operation. Stem cell research should be increased because of the tremendous good it can do for society, despite the arguments of religious points of view. Aggressive religious groups claim that this research is dangerous, and enters upon Gods territory. Also they protest that since stem cells come from embryos, it is inhumane and kills humans. However, these claims are not exactly true. Though stem cell research has the potential to become something truly great, it is still experimental. Also, most of the embryos that are harvested for stem cells are ones that have already been discarded, and had no chance to become a human being. Also embryos are obtained from donation for the purpose of research.

The research done with stem cells has a two-fold goal. The first and mostly overlooked goal of the study is to find some clues on how single-cell organisms became complex...
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