Stem Cell Banking

Topics: Bone marrow, Stem cell, Cord blood Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: March 29, 2013

A cell bank is a facility that stores cells of specific genetic lines for the purpose of future use in a product or medicinal needs. They often contain expansive amounts of base cell material that can be utilized for various projects. The advantages of cell banks is that the facilities will include a "detailed characterization of the cell line" and will have a "decrease in the likelihood and an increase in the detection" of cross-contamination of a cell line

Cord-blood banking is not routine in hospital or home deliveries — it's a procedure you have to choose and plan for beforehand, so be sure to consider your decision carefully before delivery day. The primary reason that parents consider banking their newborn's cord blood is because they have a child or close relative with or a family medical history of diseases that can be treated with bone marrow transplants. Some diseases that more commonly involve bone marrow transplants include certain kinds of leukemia or lymphoma, aplastic anemia, severe sickle cell anemia, and severe combined immunodeficiency. The odds that the average baby without risk factors will ever use his or her own banked cord blood is considered low; however, no accurate estimates exist at this time. In most cases, stem cell transplants are performed only on children or young adults. The larger the size of the person, the more blood-forming stem cells are needed for a successful transplant. Umbilical cord blood stem cells aren't adequate in quantity to complete an adult's transplant. In addition, it's not known whether stem cells taken from a relative offer more success than those taken from an unrelated donor. Stem cells from cord blood from both related and unrelated donors have been successful in many transplants. That's because blood-forming stem cells taken from cord blood are naïve. Therefore, donor cord-blood stem cells do not need to be a perfect match to create a successful bone marrow transplant. There has...
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