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SteganoGRAPHY documentation
1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This SDS describes the various functions of our project. The actual design of the various modules and components of Student Information System is described in this document which takes care of various functionalities that our project aims to achieve and for determining the operating characteristics of the system. 1.2 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This SDS document is intended for any developers, project manager or documentation writer that needs to understand the basic system architecture and its specifications for development. • Developer: The developer who wants to read, change, modify or add new requirements into the existing program, must firstly consult this document and update the requirements with appropriate manner so as to not destroy the actual meaning of them and pass the information correctly to the next phases of the development process. • Tester: The tester needs this document to validate that the initial requirements of this web portal actually corresponds to the executable code correctly. For each one of the reader types to better understand this document, here is a suggestion to read in this document: • Overall description

• System Features
• External Interface Requirement
• Non Functional Requirement
1.3 Product Scope
Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based application for students, faculty, academic staff and parents who want to get and retrieve student’s whole information instantly via internet. The major benefit of this web portal is to store the students information at one place (like SERVER) and it can be accessed via online interaction. The SIS web portal is to replace the old and traditional file(paper work) storing process. Instead of tedious paper work, students will be able to submit required information electronically, and the departments will be able to evaluate the submissions with a much quicker turnaround. 1.4 Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

• SIS: Student Information System
• SERVER: Refers to the Host machine
• CLIENT: Refers to the user of SIS.
• SQL: Structured Query Language; used to retrieve information from a database. • SQL Server: A server used to store data in an organized format. • BOOLEAN: A true/false notation
• UNIQUE KEY: Used to differentiate entries in a database. • LAYER: Represents a section of the project.
• DATA STORAGE LAYER: the section of the assignment referring to where all data is recorded. | |

The Directory
1. Introduction 2. Brief Explanation 3. |

Steganography is derived from the Greek for covered writing and essentially means “to hide in plain sight”. As defined steganography is the art and science of communicating in such a way that the presence of a message cannot be detected. Simple steganographic techniques have been in use for hundreds of years, but with the increasing use of files in an electronic format new techniques for information hiding have become possible.

This document will examine some early examples of steganography and the general principles behind its usage. We will then look at why it has become such an important issue in recent years. There will then be a discussion of some specific techniques for hiding information in a variety of files and the attacks that may be used to bypass steganography.

Figure 1 shows how information hiding can be broken down into different areas. Steganography can be used to hide a message intended for later retrieval by a specific individual or group. In this case the aim is to prevent the message being detected by any other party.


Protection against detection Watermarking (Data hiding)...
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