Steganalysis Lsb Insertion Method

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The first step is that to STEGANALYSIS OF LSB INSERTION METHOD in Steganoraphypass both embedded IN UNCOMMPRESSED and hiding information is to the secret IMAGES USING MATLAB cover message into the encoder, message and the Mohit Kr. Srivastava

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In this paper we have explained a steganalytic tool to detect the presence of hidden message in LSB steganography. It is process of hiding secret information in a cover image. Here we have used LSB insertion method using discrete algorithms. Steganographic programs use the Least Significant Bit (LSB) embedding as the method of choice for message hiding 24-bit, 8-bit color images and grayscale images. It is commonly understood that changes to the LSB of color cannot be detected due to noise that is always presents in digital images. In this paper, we describe a new very accurate and reliable method that can detect LSB. Embedding in randomly scattered pixels in both 24-bit color images and 8bit grayscale or color images.

The first step is steganography is that to embed and hiding information is to pass both the secret message and the cover message in to the encoder, inside the encoder, one or several protocols will be implemented to embed the secret information into the cover message.

Secret text message of 1000 character

Encoder Cover image Stego Object

Stegnography, Stegoimage, LSB Computer and Network Security insertion, Secret Text

Steganography brings science to the art of hiding information. The purpose of steganography is to convey a message inside of a conduit of misinterpretation such that the existence of the message is both hidden and difficult to recover when discovered. Basically the information hiding process in a Steganoraphic system starts by identifying a cover medium’s redundant bits. The embedding process creates a stego medium by replacing these redundant bits with data from the hidden message. The basic purpose to make communication unintelligible to those who do not possess the right keys.


Fig.1: Steganography Process

A key is needed in the embedding process. By using the key we can reduce the chance of third party attackers getting hold of the stego object and decoding it to find out the secret information. In general the embedding process inserts a mark X, in an object Y, a key K, usually produced by a random number generator is used in the embedding process and the resulting marked object Y is generated by mapping XxYxK Y Having passed through the encoder a stego object will be produced. A stego object is the original

cover object with the secret information embedded inside. This object should look almost identical to the cover object as otherwise a third party attacker can see embedded information. Having produced the stego object, It will be sent off via some communication channel. At the receiving end the stego object is fed into the system the public or private key that can decode the original key that is used inside the encoding process is also needed to detect the secret information.

yi. In this way it is ensured that the bits of the secret message are inserted into distinct LSBs.





In LSB insertion method, a random number generator is used to randomly distribute and hide the bits of a secret message into the least significant bit of the pixels within a cover image, a common approach to achieve this is the random interval method. The transmitting and receiving end share the stego key, the output is a random sequence K1………..Kn where n is the length of message...
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