Steepled: Demography and Legislation European/international Legislation

Topics: Demography, Environment, Management Pages: 3 (379 words) Published: November 20, 2010
S.T.E.E.P.L.E.D Analysis

Social, Technology, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal, Ethics, Demographics

STEEPLED analysis is a means of conducting a scan of an organisation’s external environment, with particular reference to the future and any changes that may come about. The purpose of STEEPLED is to identify factors that may impact on the services, customers (or Patients), products, markets, staff, profitability, etc. of the organisation. STEEPLED analysis should not be an activity reserved only for an annual or periodic special event. Managers should develop the habit of staying in tune with the environment and considering the impact on their organisation of everything that happens.

S stands for social factors, including

Demographic change
Family and lifestyle changes
Education levels
Life expectancy
Changes in values and culture
Social mobility
Attitudes towards life and leisure
Religious attitudes

T stands for technology, including:

Speed of change in technology
Industrial processes
Medical innovation

E stands for economic factors including:

Change in GDP
Disposable income of the people
Stock market instability
Currency fluctuations
Economic cycles
Energy and oil costs (milk and whey costs)
Interest rates
Housing costs

E stands for Environmental

Environmental issues
• International
• National
• Local
Environmental regulations
Customer values
Market values
Stakeholder/ investor values
Staff attitudes
Management style
Organisational culture
Staff morale
Staff engagement
Global factors
EU based factors

P stands for political factors, including:

Change of Government Policy
Political parties
Legislation (see L)
Trades Union activity
International relations
Civil unrest
Tax policy

L stands for Legislation / Legal
Current legislation in the home market
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