Steam Jet Refrigeration System

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  • Published: July 11, 2012
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Seminar Report
Working Principal of Steam jet refrigeration system
Submitted by
Amit Prakash
Roll No-1126004

Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Patna
Patna-800005, Bihar (India)

Candidate Declaration

This is to certify that seminar report entitled Working principle of Steam jet refrigeration system has been prepared by me under the supervision of Dr. Amarnath Sinha Professor of Mechanical Engg. Department N.I.T, Patna has not been submitted by me elsewhere for award of any degree

Amit Prakash
Student of second semester
M.Tech (Mechanical Engg.)
N.I.T., Patna


Steam jet ejector
Advantage and Disadvantage
Recent Development in Steam jet refrigeration system


In steam jet refrigeration systems, water can be used as the refrigerant. Like air, it is perfectly safe. These systems were applied successfully to refrigeration in the early years of this century. At low temperatures the saturation pressures are low (0.008129 bar at 4°C) and the specific volumes are high (157.3 m3/kg at 4°C). The temperatures that can be attained using water as a refrigerant are not low enough for most refrigeration applications but are in the range which may satisfy air conditioning, cooling, or chilling requirements. Also, these systems are used in some chemical industries for several processes, e.g. the removal of paraffin wax from lubricating oils. Note that steam jet refrigeration systems are not used when temperatures below 5°C are required. The main advantages of this system are the...
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