Steam Engine

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The Steam Engine and the Civil War
Question: How did the Steam Engine influence the Civil War and America in itself?

Throughout the Civil War, there were many people and inventions that positively influenced The Civil War, but none other than the steam engine. The steam engine was one of the most influential inventions of the Civil War and America in itself. Before the Steam Engine trade was limited and the American economy was doing very poorly. The causes of this were the rules of trade and the inefficient transportation. At the time between the 1700 and 1800’s trade was only allowed during the Day and was transported by a Wagon and horse which took weeks to deliver. The Steam Engine not only revolutionized trade and transportation, it transformed the life in which we live today. The Steam Engine Positively influenced America throughout the Civil War such as transporting supplies faster to Union Soldiers so they could get back to fighting faster, and also increasing the speed and availability of trade as well as strengthening the American economy.

The Transcontinental railroads provided supplies to Union Soldiers as well as transportation for western settlers. During the Civil war, the transcontinental railroads provided the transportation of supplies to Union soldiers. In 1840 the U.S. government agreed a transcontinental Railroad would be a good idea(Ray, Kurt 24). The construction of the Railroads started in the 1850’s and once they were built trade rapidly began to improve. The new railroads helped the soldiers get their supplies much faster and helped them get back to fighting faster. As the railroads expanded, America could focus on national issues because the new railroads connected the east to the west(Ray, Kurt 27). The railroads acted as transportation for western settlers and suddenly economic and political power turned westward(Howard, David). The transcontinental Railroad dramatically increased the amount of trade that could be carried...
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