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The innovation of stealth technology demonstrates the true impact of stealth aircraft and watercraft. Stealth technology has been modified and improved over time but still stands alone. When compared to normal aircraft, stealth aircraft nearly outperform in every category. How stealth technology works and is used describes why stealth technology is so affective. Over the years the United States military has produced some of the most technological aircraft and watercraft known to man and there is no telling how far these technological advancements will go.

Stealth technologies have transformed the modern world as we know it through design and engineering. Over the past half century, engineers have spent countless hours trying to design new and improved stealth technology. As a result, there have been improvements in aircraft and watercraft stealth technology. It is quite possible that the effect of the stealth evolution has advanced stealth technology beyond what anyone could ever imagine in its relatively short life span. Over the years, the military has used stealth vehicles in two different ways, bombing and reconnaissance missions. Bombing missions are usually done at night, so the aircraft can blend in with the night. A reconnaissance mission would involve a stealth aircraft flying over enemy territory and taking pictures of specific areas.

Stealth technology is used in the military and is scientifically known as “low observatory”, which means they are practically invisible to radar. By changing the design and materials of normal planes, engineers were able to produce stealth aircraft. Stealth aircraft use the principle of absorbing and redirecting radar. The power of stealth technology has allowed planes to be undetected by sound, sight, heat, and radar.

This report analyzes the evolution of stealth technology and how it is used. It will also break down the history, how stealth vehicles differ from normal vehicles, and the different types of stealth vehicles the military uses. HISTORY

Since radar technology was developed during the Second World War, it should not be surprising to learn that the first couple tries at stealth technology happened during this period. It might be surprising to learn, that it was the Germans and not the Allies, who worked on the stealth. The Germans were responding to the success the Allies were having with early radar. Not only was their radar very effective at spotting incoming enemy bombers, but it was also very important in the battle of the Atlantic. The Germans had U-Boats which are submarines that were used for disrupting the convoys carrying valuable supplies to England. The favorite tactic was to attack on the surface at night, in large groups called “wolf-packs”. When radar appeared, this advantage was lost. In response, the Germans developed a radar absorbing paint. While this ferrite-based paint was much too heavy for aircraft, it could be used on submarines.

The United State’s first stealth development was totally accidental and quickly forgotten. Shortly after the war, Northrop Aircraft developed an experimental bomber called the YB-49 Flying Wing. The aircraft had no body or tail, it was just a large flying wing. The aircraft was assigned to perform a normal test flight over the Pacific. When the test was completed, they turned and headed for home, pointing the wing edge directly at the base radar station. The radar crew was shocked to see the aircraft suddenly appear almost overhead because they saw no evidence of it on the radar screen. Interest in the plane quickly faded after the bomber crashed in the Mojave Desert in 1948. The plane was very unstable in flight and this stability problem was listed as the cause of the crash.

As radar equipment became more powerful, the concept of stealth technology was all but forgotten. There was a need for faster aircraft, the theory being that the faster the aircraft was, the less time the radar...
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