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‘Stealing’ by Carol Ann Duffy shows the irrational and distressing life through the eyes of a mentally ill man or women. The 5 stanza poem is desperate cry for help from someone who can not stop their obsession with stealing, but also has no remorse or guilt for the things they have stolen.

‘Stealing’ is about a character who tells us the things he has stolen and his motivation for stealing. He tells what he does with the stolen goods and the thrill he gets from stealing. Although, he has stolen many things, he makes clear that snowman is the most important and “strangest” thing he ever stole. He also makes clear that he knows the theft of the snowman is pointless, mindless and cruel, but that he enjoys it because he likes the “thrill” of “knowing that children would cry in the morning”. After reading the poem, we can see why Carol Ann Duffy decided to name it ‘stealing’. She simply named it ‘Stealing’ because there was no logical meaning behind why he stole; the only reason he stole was because of “boredom”. Sense there was no meaning in his stealing, there could be no meaning in the title, it is called ‘Stealing’ cause that’s all he did, was stole.

Within the poem words such as “cold”, “slice” “mucky”, and “ripped” create a dark and unkind tone. Which gives us a sense that the poem is supposed to reflect a harsh and ruthless attitude. The attitude is shown through the personas carelessness and almost hatred towards the world, he believes that “lives tough” and he is “sick of the world”. This makes us believe that he is unsympathetic towards the things he has stolen, he does not care or need any of what hes taken, but the snowman, which he makes apparent by always going back to talking about the snowman.

The structure of the poem is layed out with 5 different stanzas. The first stanza
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