Staying in School

Topics: High school, College, Dropout Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Why are students dropping out?
When students drop out of school, the course of their lives may be totally reset. Dropouts typically earn less than their peers with more education, and they are more likely than high school graduates to end up in prison. Just 56 percent of students who start a bachelor's degree program finish within six years, according to a 2011 Harvard study titled “Pathways To Prosperity” and just 29 percent of those who seek an associate's degree obtain it within three years. Research shows two sets of factors may be predictors of whether students will drop out or graduate from college: One factor is associated with the institutional characteristics of their families. Changes in family structure, along with other potentially stressful events (such as a family moves, illness, death, adults entering and leaving the households, and marital disruptions) increase the odds of dropping out. Homesickness also has a factor to play in a student dropping out. The comforts of home always seem to be desirable when a lonely and discouraged student is away at college. Whether it is an abandoned relationship back at home or the coziness of a childhood bedroom or even the climate, some students can become so overwhelmed with grief, they cannot continue in their studies and dropout. Why is Americas dropout rate is so bad? The cost of schooling is one of the reasons. A recent study by “Pew Research Center” shows that two thirds of young Americans dropped out of school because they had to stop schooling to support a family, while forty eight percent said they just couldn’t afford it some of the costs of dropping out Dropouts suffer from reduced earnings and lost opportunities. About two-thirds of all college students borrow money too obtain a bachelor's degree, according to a survey of graduates by the Department of Education. Of those, the average debt in two thousand eleven was twenty three thousand three hundred with ten percent owing more than fifty...
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