Staying in Hostel Ensure Students' Excellent

Topics: University, Student, Government Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Excellent achievement is the main aim by all students. The existence of the hostel helps students to learn more effectively in the hostels environment and facilities provided by the government to help students self-reliant, knowledgeable and successful in the academic. Due to this positive environment, staying in hostel can ensures student's academic excellence. To begin with, friends are the main factor that can ensure student academic results. Staying in hostel will make them easily to do the group discussion to study and ask any problems that student not understands. Other than that, students will competitive to each other to get the excellent results in academic and be the winner among them. Students also can get the tips from the senior to helps them in study and get the revision for their study to make sure that they will get the excellent result in academic. By the way, students can get motivation and spirit to study hard to get the brilliant result in academic with get help from their friends. Furthermore, organized schedule by the hostel can help student to be more discipline. Mostly student that have good discipline will able to success in their life. Student can manage their time properly and it can makes an individual punctual, discipline and more confident to their goals and objectives. Other than that, rules in the hostel can help individual learn to prepare themselves to the future world such as when they work and responsible to all their action in the hostel. For example, they will get the punishment if they enter to the hostel after 12.00 am because the gate will be locked by the warden. Finally, there are a lot of facilities that are provided by the government in every hostel are really useful and help student to achieve academic excellent. For example, 24-hour study room can help student to study and make the discussion anytime whether in midnight or when holidays with the tables, chair and air-conditional that are provided in the study room...
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