Staying Fit and Healthy

Topics: Health, Obesity, Personal life Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Staying Fit and Healthy

Keeping fit has become a great concern of a government in recent years. They have been encouraging the working population to live a healthy life using advertisement on the mass media and giving school recognition for keeping the obesity level of their student down. The ultimate aim is now ‘Healthy Living and Keeping Fit’

Keeping fit can be done by exercising regularly. For people who like to exercise alone, there are various things that are possible for keeping fit. From brisk walking, running to playing squash, the loner has a good variety of exercises to choose from. For those who prefer the company of family or friends, they can choose from a wide array of games like badminton, soccer or even just taking a long walk. This adds the social element into an otherwise strenuous activity. It also makes it far more enjoyable as one has a friend or family member to talk to while exercising.

It is important to keep fit as a healthy body allows one to live life more comfortably. Even though one is wealthy but have ill-healthy, one can never enjoy the benefits of what money can bring. One can never deny that a healthy person is a cheerful person. Health promotes a sense of well-being that is important in lubricating human relationships. Keeping fit also wonders for the mind. It keeps the mind razor-sharp, improve the memory of a person as well as enhance the ability to solve problems quickly. In terms of physical and mental health, keeping fit is a necessary ingredient.

Keeping fit requires a great deal of discipline and willpower. After all, when it is a choice between relaxing at home in front of an interesting TV programme or putting on one’s running shoes to pound on a track, the former is certainly more attractive. But one must remember that the benefits of keeping fit will far outweigh the transient pleasures of being a couch potato!
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