Staying at Home After High School

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In today's recession many teenagers are walking out of their parents homes and falling flat on their faces. Living at home after high school is a very good idea. Now, let's think about it. There are a couple of reasons why this would benefit teenagers. The first is saving money. The second is to learn more about paying bills. Finally teenagers can receive help picking out an apartment or house after college.

Once high school graduation is over it is time to go to college. What better way to save money than to stay at home with mom and dad! When a teenager chooses to stay at home, college life will not be stressful. There is no room and board to pay for and there are no out of state fees to worry about.

On the other hand, living at home and being only eighteen one is treated like a child. There are still rules of the house that must be followed, so privacy may not be as much as one would like to think. This means that a love life might be out of the question, but remember saving money is more important.

Another reason why staying at home after high school is a plus deals with paying bills. Teenagers often think they know how to manage their money, but they don't. Mom and Dad can play an important role here. This is a big help for when college graduation comes around and it is time to get that first place. It is important to know about household bills and when to pay them.

However, one thing that might nag a teenager is, their parents wanting to know where their money went. This is only to help us save money. Parents are suppose to teach us responsibility with our money. They know that bills must get paid first before anything else gets purchased.

Furthermore, having our parents there to help us pick out the first apartment or house. Their guidance will be very helpful. Knowing the town helps pick a nice place, that is affordable. This is the final benefit of living at home.

Finally, the last problem is that they will want a key, to check in from time...
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