Stay at Home Parent

Topics: High school, Mother, Family Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: April 24, 2008
Benefit of Stay at Home Parent
Nature and Nurture is a part of every day life. Every family nurtures their children differently. Some families could nurture their children with a babysitter or daycare provide while both parents work, but in my family we had a stay at home Mom. When I was born, their lives would change forever. My parents decided that it was in Moms best interest to quit her job to help raise our family. This would give mom the freedom to be very involved with our everyday life including school activities, taxing us around, and always being there when we need her most. After a long day of classes it’s always nice to have a smiling face or your mom to ask, “How was your day at school honey?” She would always greet us at the door after the bus would drop us off. Mom would open the door and ask us about our day. After that she would make us sit down at the table and do our homework before we could go outside to play with our friends. After our homework was finished and our bags were ready for school the next day, if we wanted mom to come outside and play catch or basketball with us she would. My mother was always involved with in school activities. During my Elementary school years we would always have Halloween parties then parade through town with our costumes on. My Mom was always one of the first parents there to help set up the food for the party and to walk through town with all of us students. In fifth grade, our school did a tile project with the entire fifth grade class, my Mom volunteered with that for the past seven years. This tile project consisted of several hours of work during and after school. All the parent volunteers would put an extra layer of paint on the entire tile and then fire them to make the project complete. The High School always holds an award ceremony on the last week of school at one o’clock p.m. My mom was one of the many parents that would always sit in the crowd and congratulate myself and each of...
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