Stay at Home Dad

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree, University Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Barak Obama states, “It’s what you can do that should count when you apply for a job, not where you learned to do it.” I strongly agree with his quote because I have seeing many students try apply for a job, however got turned down due to only a high school diploma. Our society is wrapped around the idea that without a College degree you will not find a good paying job. As students we are accepted to squander years in a university while spending thousands of dollars on classes in order to obtain a successful career. When looking at this subject in a macro level, we quickly notice that not everyone is privilege to attend a university. Most students are not from families with plenty of money, being top students or being drawn towards academics. Due to these circumstances many students learn early on ‘their place or privileges in this world.’ Eliminating B.A. and B.S. will even the playing field for those who do not have the advantages as those who are wealthy, smart, or driven.

Stay at home dads not only gives women the privilege to compete with working man but also allows the father to bond with his children. Although many might view the dad as nothing more than a free-loader, in reality the dad has more advantages and power then he ever did when he was the bread-winner. There is nothing more important in a relationship then to decide how to raise the children, or having the privilege to spend numerous hours with the kids. In my opinion the dad is more than capable to handle the duties of a wife. In addition who can protect the children in case of an emergency then the father.
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