Status of Women in Pakistan/ Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Topics: Sharia, Human rights, Muhammad Pages: 96 (41467 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Status of Women in Pakistan/
Women Empowerment in Pakistan

a.Tarnished image of Muslim and Pakistani Women
b.Status of Women in Human Society: A Historical Perspective 2.Problem Areas for Women in Pakistan
a.Use of Islam to deny Women Rights
b.Gender Discrimination
c.Marriage and Marital Life
d.Sati, Vani and Karokari
e.Domestic Violence
f.Poor Literacy
g.Job Opportunities and Job Environment and Veil
i.Want of Male Child
j.Child and Forced Labor
k.Health Issues
3.Steps Taken by the Government
a.Legislation to empower women
b.Job Quotas
c.Representation in Politics
d.Gender Mainstreaming
4.Impacts of the steps taken by the Government
5.Role of NGO Sector
6.Role of Print and Electronic Media
a.Diagnosing the Problem: The Problem is of Human Rights, not of Women rights only b.Universal Women Education
c.Removing Social Barriers to Gender Equality
d.Need to Ensure Women Rights that are guaranteed by Constitution e.Implementation of Women Rights given by Islam
f.Due Importance to Mother-Child Health

The Status of Woman in Islam
from "Islam in focus" By Hammuda Abdul-Ati, PH.D.
The status of woman in Islam constitutes no problem. The attitude of the Qur'an and the early Muslims bear witness to the fact that woman is, at least, as vital to life as man himself, and that she is not inferior to him nor is she one of the lower species. Had it not been for the impact of foreign cultures and alien influences, this question would have never arisen among the Muslims. The status of woman was taken for granted to be equal to that of man. It was a matter of course, a matter of fact, and no one, then, considered it as a problem at all. In order to understand what Islam has established for woman, there is no need to deplore her plight in the pre-Islamic era or in the modern world of today. Islam has given woman rights and privileges which she has never enjoyed under other religious or constitutional systems. This can be understood when the matter is studied as a whole in a comparative manner, rather than partially. The rights and responsibilities of a woman are equal to those of a man but they are not necessarily identical with them. Equality and sameness are two quite different things. This difference is understandable because man and woman are not identical but they are created equals. With this distinction in mind, There is no problem. It is almost impossible to find even two identical men or women. This distinction between equality and sameness is of paramount importance. Equality is desirable, just, fair; but sameness is not. People are not created identical but they are created equals. With this distinction in mind, there is no room to imagine that woman is inferior to man. There is no ground to assume that she is less important than he just because her rights are not identically the same as his. Had her status been identical with his, she would have been simply a duplicate of him, which she is not. The fact that Islam gives her equal rights - but not identical - shows that it takes her into due consideration, acknowledges her, and recognizes her independent personality. It is not the tone of Islam that brands woman as the product of the devil or the seed of evil. Nor does the Qur'an place man as the dominant lord of woman who has no choice but to surrender to his dominance. Nor was it Islam that introduced the question of whether or not woman has any soul in her. Never in the history of Islam has any Muslim doubted the human status of woman or her possession of soul and other fine spiritual qualities. Unlike other popular beliefs, Islam does not blame Eve alone for the First Sin. The Qur'an makes it very clear that both Adam and Eve were tempted; that they both sinned; that God's pardon was granted to both after their repentance; and that God addressed them jointly....
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