Status of the Company

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Foundation Fortnight


The foundation course aims at:
oHelping students acquire basic prerequisite knowledge of subjects such as statistics , accounting etc
oBring students from diverse background to a common level of preparedness
oBuild team spirit.
oProvide opportunity understand themselves
oUnlearn narrow structured thinking and open up them to system thinking / critical thinking necessary for design.
oUn shackle them from inhibitions & thrive up their spirit of entrepreneurship
oFamiliarize them with institute norms standards and learning resources.

Course Content:

oSessions on basic business maths, statistics , accounting fundamentals, basic IT Tools.
oTraining on learning resources such an EBSCO, webopac, CAPLINE, CRISINFAC, Hive portal etc.
oUnlearning sessions – focus on approach to thinking , critical thinking, communications learning, (AKA – 5th Discipline)
oSystem thinking, Design & creativity. Effective thinking

0.5 credit H-1.1 Individual and Society:


The course provides an appreciation of how several factors both in society (shaped by external forces such as religion, sect, geographic, economic etc) influence his behaviour in organizations and in society. This is an inter disciplinary course which integrates concepts from human social sciences, anthropology, cognitive psychology and other social science disciplines.

Course Content:

1. Relevance of Social Science for Design Students,
2. Understanding India,
3. Cast in India,
4. Reservation policy gender concerns,
5. Tribal and forest rights,
6. State and democratic politics,
7. Democracy and development in India
8. Culture Identity & Media
9. India’s Development experience

1 credit
H-1.2 Organizational Behaviour


The purpose of this course is to help the student appreciate basic theories which explain human behavior in the context of the organization both in his individual capacity as well as in groups and his role as a consumer and a component of society at large Students understand Organizational Behaviour in changing business environment covering – individual, basics, role and organization. They understand Organizational Behaviour in changing business environment covering – individual, basics, role and organization They understand Organizational Behaviour in changing business environment covering – individual, basics, role and organization.

Course Content:
1. Emergence of OB-Nature, Subject matter & Origin of OB, disciplines that contribute OB, five anchors of Ob, Important approaches to OB, New challenges & opportunities for OB 2. Individual differences in physical, intellectual & biographical characteristics-Cultural intelligence (CQ) 3. Learning- process & theories & its application to OB 4. Emotions: Nature of workplace emotions & attitudes, Model of emotions, attitudes & behavior, Emotional labor, Emotional Quotient (EQ), OB Applications of emotions & moods 5. Motivation- The concept of motivation, Theories of motivation, Methods to motivate employees, employee involvement programme, 6. Perception-The nature of perceptual processes, Attribution theory, Perceptual errors in organizational setting, improving perception 7. Personality- Origins of personality, Personality in organizations, Personality models & Myers-Briggs type indicator 8. Job satisfaction-Causes & impact, impact of satisfied & dissatisfied employees on the workplace 9. Stress- work related stress, causes of stress, individual differences, consequences of distress, managing work related stress 10. Communication- Process of communication, organizational communication, interpersonal communication,...
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