Status and Role

Topics: Ascribed status, Sociology, Social status Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Status and Role
There is a variety of statuses, all serve different meanings. Master status is something that you were born with. Race, age, and sex, are all examples of your master status because these are all things you cannot change. Ascribed status is one is born with or assumes involuntary in life. Race, sex, age, religion born into, son, and sibling are some examples of ascribed status. Achieved status is a status one earns examples are friend, coach, athlete, and student. Giving more examples will give a better understanding. Status inconsistency is when you have two or more statuses that do not go together; an example would be a male nurse. Role conflict is when expectations associated with two statuses are in conflict with each other.

There are a lot of ascribed and achieved statuses I have. I was born into a middle class family that has an average income, which is an ascribed status. It is an ascribed status because I was born into it involuntarily and had no control of it. Some roles that came along with the middle class lifestyle would be living in a decent home and always having food to eat. I have parents, making me a son which is an ascribed status because I was born into it. Some roles would be keeping in touch with my parents and protecting my siblings. I was born into a family that follows the Catholic religion that is an ascribed status because I was forced to worship it. Some roles consisted of attending church, and following the morals of the bible. Finally my master statuses are all ascribed; they are all statuses I was born into.

There are a countless number of achieved statuses I have. I have achieved the status of a student because I have earned it by staying in school and working to earn a degree. Some roles I have as a student are studying and attending classes. Another achieved status would be a lifting enthusiast. I have earned this status through working out with weights which acts as the role. I am a friend to many; I earned...
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