Statments of Problems and Primary Source Evidence in the 20th Century

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Following the Civil War white southeners restricted African Americans’ freedom: -Louisana Black Codes Reinstate Provision of The Slace Era, 1865, pg. 6

- Lucy McMillian, A Former Slave in South Carolina, Tesitifes About White Violence, 1871, pg. 13

During the late nineteenth century the American west expirnced significant conflict: -Katie Bighead (Cheyenne) Remebers Custer and the battle of Little Bighorn,1876, pg.41 -Wyoming Gunfight: An Attack on Chinatown,1885, pg. 45

Supporters of imperialism claimed it was necessary that United States wield it’s influence abroad: -President William Mckinley Asks for War to liberate Cuba, 1898 pg. 107 -Governor Theodore Roosevelt Praises the Manly Virtues of Imperialism, 1899, pg. 108

Critics of Imperialsim contened that American Foreigh policy undermined the nation’s abroad: -The American Anti-Imperialist League Denounces U.S. Policy, 1899, pg.110 -Mark Twain Stirzes “ The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” 1900 pg.111

During the late nineteenth century immigrants anticipated oppurtunities in the United States: -A Slovenian Boy Remebers Tales of the Golden Country,1909 pg.81 -Chinese Immigrant Lee Chew Denounces Prejudice in America, 1882, pg.72

During the late nineteenth century immigrants faced harsh challenges in the United States: -Immigrant Thomas O’Donell Laments the worker’s Plight, 1883 pg.74 -Immigrants Crowd together-By Choice, or Not? Pg.77

As the United States expierenced rapid industrial growth, ordinary laborers endured exploitaive working conditions: -Immigrant Thomas O’Donell Laments the worker’s Plight, 1883 pg.74 -Jurgis Rudkus Disovers Drink in The Jungle, 1905 pg. 79

All from the book "major problems".
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