Statistics Using Excel

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Descriptive Statistics using Excel
May 2011 / Dr Rensvold
Open the Excel spreadsheet labeled "Example Database." The first page is the Data Dictionary. The Variable Label is the "handle" used for computation. The Variable Name is longer and more descriptive. The Values column shows the numerical values associated with categorical variables. In the data dictionary, you can see that the only categorical (nominal) variable is SEX. The others are ratio variables (why?)

Click on the Data tab, which opens the window with the data.

We wish to obtain descriptive statistics for these data. The next step is to click on the Data tab at the top of the window.

The Data tab presents a number of data-related options. Click on the "Data Analysis" button. If you don't see this button, the data analysis package will have to be installed. See the "Background Information" for a tutorial on how to install it.

Select "Descriptive Statistics" as shown, then click OK. This brings up the Descriptive Statistics dialog, shown below.

The program needs to know where to find the data you want analyzed. Click the icon on the right-hand side of the Input Range window. This takes you back to the Data window.

In the data window, click and drag to highlight the cells containing the data you want to analyze. Be sure to include the top line, which includes the labels. Select the cells from A1 to D13. (Excel writes this "$A$1:$D$13,") to indicate that we're talking about the cell addresses and not the data in the cells, which may change from one iteration of the test to another.)

Click the icon shown above to go back to the Descriptive Statistics dialog.

The "Input Range" window, at the top of the dialog box, now contains the range of data cells. Before clicking OK, make sure:

the "Group By" Columns radio button is selected.
the "Labels in the First Row" box is checked.
the "Summary Statistics" box is checked.

The last decision is where to write the...
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