Statistics Problem Set

Topics: Measurement, Patient, Qualitative data Pages: 3 (475 words) Published: July 18, 2011
1. Indicate whether each of the following is a constant or a variable (5 points)

a. Resting pulse rate – Variable

b. Number of bits in a terabyte – Constant

c. Peso equivalent to a Swiss Franc – Variable

d. Number of inches in a mile – Constant

e. Number of neutrons in a carbon atom – Constant

2. Indicate whether the following variables are quantitative or qualitative and specify the scale of measurement. (10 points)

a. Admitting diagnosis of patients to a mental hospital – Qualitative, Nominal Scale

b. Underarm temperature of day-old infants born in a hospital – Quantitative (Continuous), Interval Scale

c. Viral DNA load (copies/ml) – Quantitative (Discrete), Ratio Scale

d. Body Mass Index – Quantitative (Continuous), Ratio Scale

e. Age at diagnosis of breast cancer – Quantitative (Discrete), Interval Scale

3. Multiple Choice (2 points). A nominal scale is used for: A

a. All categorical data

b. Discrete data with categories that do not follow a natural sequence

c. Continuous data that follow a natural sequence

d. Discrete data with categories that follow a natural sequence

e. Quantitative data

4. A study of 275 patients admitted to a hospital during the past year revealed that, on the average, the patients lived 15 miles from the hospital (6 points)

a. What is the variable of interest?

The variable of interest include the distance of a patient’s home from a hospital or its proximity to the area.

b. How many measurements were used in calculating the reported result?

2 measurements were used in calculating the reported results. Median and Mean were both used in the reported results

c. What measurement scale was used?

Ratio-level scale was used.

5. True or False (2 points).

a. Data in the ratio-scale can be transformed to the nominal scale. TRUE

b. Data in the nominal scale can be...
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