Statistics of 13 Variables

Topics: Scientific method, Symmetry, Group Pages: 2 (274 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Final Project: Part B

Categorical: sex

There are 505 females involved in this case study out of 850 cases. There are 345 males observed in this case study.

Categorical: Class

Out of the 850 cases, 110 are Freshman and 210 are Juniors. 279 are Seniors and 251 are Sophomore.

Categorical: Major

Quantitative: HSP

The graph is skewed to the left and it’s unimodal because it’s only one mass or one “hump.” There are no outliers, everything is close to each other and the graph is continuous.

Categorical: Residency

Of the 850 cases, 227 are nonresident. 623 are residents.

Categorical: Type

Of the 850 cases, 767 are new. 2 had to be readmitted and 81 are transfers.

Quantitative: English

Of the 850 cases, the highest score was in-group 22. The lowest scores were in group 13, 35 and 36 with a score of 1. It’s unimodal and there are outliers. The graph is continuous. Nonskewed, symmetrical graph.

Quantitative: Math

This graph is unimodal. It has outliers. The highest score was an 82 in group 22. The graph is continuous.

Categorical: College

A majority of the cases go to college for A&S. The least amount being in Nursing.

Quantitative: GPA

The graph is unimodal. It’s skewed to the left. Nonsymmetrical. It’s discrete because there is a cap to the GPA.

Quantitative: Age

The graph is unimodal. Majority of the cases age average at around 21 or 22. The graph is also discrete. It’s symmetric and nonskewed.

Quantitative: Credits

The graph is nonskewed, and asymmetrical. It’s multimodal, showing multiple fluctuations.

Quantitative: Comp

The graph is symmetrical, skewed to the right. It’s unimodal and discrete.
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