Statistics Final Project

Topics: Coca-Cola, Male, Female Pages: 4 (1039 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Math 200
Is There a Difference Between the Opinions of Male and Female Preference for Regular Pepsi or Fanta Orange as a Soda Drink? A. Introduction
For my stats project, I wanted to find out whether females and males prefer Pepsi or Orange for a soda drink. I picked this topic because people have different preferences between different sodas, and these two sodas are among the most popular in the United States. There are many commercials and billboards that display these sodas as being the best tasting and a good thirst quencher for their customers. Orange and Pepsi sodas have different types and brands that attract customers to buy their products. The sodas that will be asked in the survey are regular Pepsi and Fanta Orange soda. Males and females have similarities and differences in their preference in taste for the two sodas. My hypothesis is that more females will prefer to drink Fanta orange soda, while males will prefer to drink more Pepsi. I believe my hypothesis will prevail in the study because more females tend to like oranges and sweeter drinks than males. Also from a marketing perspective, I believe more females tend to be more attracted to the color orange for a drink, than males who could care less on the color of a drink, just the taste. B. Population, Research Procedure:

The population I felt would support the sampling procedure was male and female shoppers at the grocery stores in the Cortland County area of New York State. Before selecting the grocery stores, I called and spoke with the general managers at each store to see if they would allow me to conduct the survey outside of their buildings until I had recorded enough applicants for the study. The fours grocery stores that agreed to the research sampling were: (1) ALDI -393 Tompkins St Ext. Cortland, Walk IN (Rich),

(2) Price Shopper – 854 New York 13 Cortland, (607) 756 – 4994 (Marshall), (3) P&C – 160 Clinton Ave Cortland, (607) 753 – 8479 (Bob) (4) Tops – 3932 New...
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