Statistics and Variable Daily Sales

Topics: Statistics, Variable, Regression analysis Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Homework #1 STAT
Note: Homework should be printed before class. 25 points
Instructions: This assignment involves applying various techniques that we have covered throughout the semester using MINITAB 16. You will be using data sets that come with MINITAB 16. Click on the icon “Look in Minitab Sample Data Folder” to access data files. You will see data sets and several folders that contain the data. To receive full credit, be sure to include relevant computer output (copy and paste into a WORD document) and provide interpretations when asked. You are to work independently. You will need to use the help feature in order to read the data set descriptions and provide meaningful comments. 1. Use the data set TVHOURS.MTW in the Student14 folder.

a) Prepare a pie chart for the variable “Educ.” Comment on the results. b) Prepare a segmented bar chart to examine “Educ” by “Gender.” Comment on the results. c) Prepare a histogram for the variable “HrsTV.” Comment on the shape of the distribution. d) Show descriptive statistics on the variable “HrsNews” for all age groups. Use the optional “By Variables” box; enter “AgeGrp” in the box. Comment on the results. Make sure to compare the distributions across age group commenting on central tendency and variability.

2. Use the data set SEASONALSALES.MTW.

a) Show descriptive statistics for the variable “Daily Sales” for each season. Use the optional “By Variables” box; enter “Seasons” in the box. Compute the range and IQR for each season as well. Comment on the results. b) Prepare boxplots of “Daily Sales” for each season showing them on the same graph. Choose the options “One Y” and “With Groups.” Graph the variable “Daily Sales” and use “Season” as the categorical variable for grouping. Do the boxplots agree with your comments in part (a)? Explain.

3. Use the data set TOYS.MTW.

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