Statistics and Null Hypothesis

Topics: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing, Arithmetic mean Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Question 1:

State the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis ONLY

i) One of the major Malaysia tire makers wishes to review its warranty for their rainmaker tire. The warranty is for 40,000 kilometers. The tire company believes that the tire actually lasts more than 40,000 kilometers. A sample 49 tires revealed that the mean number of kilometers is 45,000 kilometers with a standard deviation of 15,000 kilometers. What is the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis?

ii) It is claimed that in a bushel of peaches less than ten percent are defective. A sample of 400 peaches is examined and 50 are found to be defective. What is the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis?

Question 2
CCTV and AATV provided a television channel targeted to individuals waiting in supermarket checkout lines. The channel showed news, short features, and advertisements. The length of the program was based on the assumption that the population mean time a shopper stands in a supermarket checkout line is 8 minutes. A sample of actual waiting times will be used to test this assumption and determine whether actual mean waiting time differs from this standard.

|Formulate the hypotheses for this application | | |A sample of 120 shoppers showed a sample mean waiting time of 8.4 minutes. Assume a population standard | | |deviation (σ) = 3.2 minutes. What is the p-value? | | |At α = 0.05, what is your conclusion? | | | | |

Question 3

A cell phone manufacturer claims that its phone will last for more than 8 hours of continuous talk time when the battery is fully charged. To test this...
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