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MCC Question Paper
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I. Choose the appropriate answer from options given below each question. [Any 10] (10*1=10)

1. How many pre-defined stock groups available in Tally.
* 3
* 2
* 5
* None.

2. Which option needs to be enabled to create a primary group. * Allow advanced entries in masters.
* Allow advanced entries in groups.
* Allow advanced entries in primary groups
* None

3.Mention the Short-Cut key for company info.
* Alt+F3
* Alt+F2
* Ctrl+F3
* None.

4.Where do we get the option called “Method of voucher numbering? * Voucher Type
* Accounting voucher
* Inventory Voucher
* None.

5.Where do we get the sales register in Tally.
* Display->Account book->sales register.
* Display->Statement of Accounts->sales register.
* Display->Inventory reports->sales register.
* None

6. Which voucher will be used to transfer the material from one location another location. * Manufacturing journal
* Stock journal
* Journal
* None

7. Stock categories will offers a parallel classification of. * Stock items
* Stock groups
* Unit of measure
* None

8. Where do we enable Income/expenses statement instead of Profit& Loss A/c. * F12 Features
* F11 Features
* Company alteration screen
* None.

9. In company creation the field “mailing name” is provided for

* Company name to be displayed in the List of select companies. * The name of the company to be printed while sending mail. * To print Company name while sending posts.

10. Credit Note is used to record ______________ transactions.

* Purchase Returns
* Goods rejected before issuing the invoice
* Sales Returns

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