Statistical Hypothesis Testing and Teaching Methods

Topics: Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis, Non-parametric statistics Pages: 3 (451 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Kruskal-Wallis Tests in SPSS

STAT 314

Three teaching methods were tested on a group of 19 students with homogeneous backgrounds in statistics and comparable aptitudes. Each student was randomly assigned to a method and at the end of a 6-week program was given a standardized exam. Because of classroom space and group size, the students were not equally allocated to each method. The results are shown in the table below. Test for a difference in distributions (medians) of the test scores for the different teaching methods using the Kruskal-Wallis test. Method 1 94 87 90 74 86 97 Method 2 82 85 79 84 61 72 80 Method 3 89 68 72 76 69 65 1. Enter the time values into one variable and the corresponding teaching method number (1 for Method 1, 2 for Method 2, 3 for Method 3) into another variable (see figure, below). Be sure to code your variables appropriately.


Select Graphs Boxplot… (Simple, Summaries for groups of cases) with the variable measured (Test Score) and the category axis variable (Teaching Method) entered (see figures, below). Click “OK”.


Your resulting side-by-side boxplots will appear (see figure, below). As long as the boxes have approximately the same shape, you may continue with the ANOVA procedure.


Select Analyze

Nonparametric Tests

K Independent Samples… (see figure, below).


Select “Test Score” as the test variable, select “Teaching Method” as the grouping factor, and click “Define Range…”. Enter the minimum value (1) and the maximum value (3). Click “Continue” to close the range definitions and then click “OK”. (See the 3 figures, below.)


Your output should look like this.


You should use the output information in the following manner to answer the question. Step 0 : Check Assumptions The samples were taken randomly and independently of each other. The populations have approximately the same shapes (according to the boxplots). All sample sizes are at least 6 if k = 3 (smallest is 6)....
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