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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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I am the Statistical Analyst for Slivers’ Gold Gym (SGG). I was assigned a project to examine the relation of 252 male gym members weight and body fat by conducting a hypothesis test. This report reflects the measures that I examined and how I conducted my hypothesis test to conclude if the male members have an average body fat of 20% as claimed by my boss. Part I

I analyzed the compiled sample data set that was provided to me for the hypothesis test of the body fat and weight of 252 male members of SGG. I used excel to help me find the mean, median, range and standard deviation. The excel sample data set will is appended to this report. The average body fat of the SGG 252 male gym members I analyzed is 18.9 (SD = 7.8) and the average weight is 178.9lbs (SD = 29.4). The median of the body fat sample data set of the 252 male SGG members is 19.0 and the weight median is 176.5lbs. The range for the body fat is 45.1 and for weight is 244.7lbs. The way I calculated the mean is to simply add the sample data sets of the body fat (4772.5) and weight (45088.95) and then divided these values by the 252 male gym members. The median is simply the middle number of the body fat and weight sample data sets. I calculated the range by finding the difference between the values of the body fat and weight sample data sets, body fat (45.1 - 0.0 = 45.1) weight (363.15 – 118.50 = 244.65). To determine the standard deviation (SD) I calculated how close the sample data sets of the body fat and weight are to the mean of each of the values. Measuring central tendencies (mean and median) is important because it is how you quantify of the average score in data sets. Finding the mean and median statistics were important because they represent different ways of interpreting what the typical values of body fat and weight is of the 252 male SGG members. In this case I found the mean to be more important because I did not conclude any significant outliers. The mean represents the variability...
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