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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

BIE1113 • Fundamentals of Computer System
Department Course Name Semester Commence Date Deadline Date Unit Controller / Examiner : Contact Number E-mail : : : : : : : Faculty of Information & Communication Technology Tutorial 2 BBIT/BSEM/BICT/BIT/BGT/BEC/BMC Answer 3 th 16 March 2011 (1.30pm) th 16 March 2011 (3.00pm) Siti Fazilah Shamsudin / Sujata Navaratnam 8138

Short Answer
1. List three different types of broadband Internet Services • Cable • DSL • Fiber • Radio signals • Satellite 2. What is the difference between a regional ISP and a national ISP? • Regional ISPs provide Internet access to a specific geographical area • National ISPs provide Internet access in cities and towns nationwide 3. How is a static web page different from a dynamic web page? • Static (fixed). Visitors to static web page all see the same content • Dynamic (changing). Visitors can customize some or all of the viewed content such as desired stock quotes, weather for a region, or ticket available for flights 4. What is a web site? • A Web site is a collection of related Web pages and associated items 5. What are three types of specifications used by content aggregators to distribute content? • A content aggregator is a business that gathers and organizes web content to subscribers for a fee • Examples of distributed content include news,music,video and pictures • Whenever the selected content changes, it is downloaded automatically (pushed) to the subscribers computer or mobile device • RSS 2.0 which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a specification that some content aggregators use to distribute content to subscribers • Atom is another specification used to distribute content to subscribers • Some current browsers include a feature, such as IE’s WebSlices that enables content aggregators to mark sections of their web pages as feeds to which users subscribe

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