Topics: Negeri Sembilan, Barisan Nasional, Johor Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Computers – a blessing or a curse? Discuss.
What would you do if you had one million dollar?
Describe the most honest person you have ever met.
Write a story beginning with: ‘It was a perfect day until…’ My country

An event that has made you realize how much your parents love you. Students should be allowed to work during holidays. Do you agree? My life 20 years from now.
Write a story beginning with: ‘I could not sleep throughout that night…’ Jungle

Computer games.
Describe a scene at the market.
Parents nowadays do not spend enough time with their children. Do you agree? Write a story ending with: ‘…My foolish act taught me to think carefully before doing anything.’ Rain.

Negeri Sembilan
Write about a fund-raising project which you carried out recently. School should make sports a compulsory subject. Discuss.
My perfect home.
Write a short story ending with: ‘…it was the best holiday I ever had.’ Hope.

Describe and unlucky day in your life.
Some students work part-time to earn extra income. What do you think? My neighborhood.
Write a story ending with: ‘…I finally realized that I had made the right decision.’ Fast food.

My childhood days.
Teenagers have more problems than adults. Do you agree?
Describe the funniest event in your life.
Write a story beginning with: ‘I didn’t know what happiness was until…’ Words.

Ways to make school life more interesting.
Winning does not matter. Do you agree?
A perfect date.
Write a story beginning with: ‘I was forgiven for my mistake…’

Importance of a clean environment.
Changes I would like to see in my school.
The age limit to obtain a motorcycle licenseshould be raised from sixteen to twenty. Do you agree? Write a story ending with: ‘…We looked at each other and burst into laughter.’ Gifts.

Describe an unforgettable person.
Write a story ending with: ‘Thank goodness I was alright…’ Mobile phones...
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