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Appendix A: Statement of Work

Vertigo Learning Hub Proposal


Citrix Systems

June 16, 2000

Viviance new education, inc.
200 E. 6th Street
Suite 206
Austin, Texas 78701
phone: +1 512 481 1595
fax: +1 512 481 9525

Viviance new education, inc.
736 Clementina Street
San Francisco, California 94103
phone: +1 415 621 0970
fax: +1 415 621 0948

Table of Contents

1. INtroduction4

2. Viviance Deliverables6

3. Citrix Deliverables9

4. Time and Materials10

5. TimeFrames and Schedules12

1. Introduction and summary

About Citrix
Since 1989, Citrix Systems, Inc. has established itself as a global leader in providing application server software and services for the enterprise. Citrix’s application server software and services provide customers with “Digital Independence™” — the ability to run any application on any device with any connection, wireless to Web.

About Viviance
Founded in 1996, Viviance new education combines current advances in educational theory and practice with the latest in Internet technology. Viviance is committed to provide the best in on-line learning services and products to the education/training community throughout the world with the cost-effective concerns of the customer in mind.

About Vertigo
Vertigo is the internal Citrix code name for a new Citrix application server technology that brings the benefits of thin-client server-based computing to customers deploying Web-based applications.

Vertigo is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) development and deployment tool that allows application developers to create Web browser-based user interfaces that are as rich in terms of content and interaction as PC desktop interfaces while simultaneously managing delivery of the application across a broad spectrum of Web-enabled devices and platforms.

The Vertigo Web-Based Learning Hub
Vertigo is a new product containing new programming concepts and implementation methods. As such, training will be required to insure its adoption and success. Citrix Systems has a training department that specializes in teaching network administrators how to use their products. Vertigo, however, is targeted at a different audience (programmers) and as such is outside the realm of most instructors’ expertise.

The Vertigo Learning Hub will be an on-line destination where Vertigo customers and developers can learn about the features and benefits of the product, review current information, FAQs and software updates, share information with other Vertigo developers and, most importantly, sign-up and participate in web-based learning programs that will either supplement or replace instructor-led training for Vertigo.

The Citrix/Viviance Partnership
Viviance and Citrix propose to work together to design, develop and deploy the Vertigo Learning Hub. Citrix will supply existing content, subject matter expertise, technical support escalation and participate in regular project reviews throughout the project lifecycle. Viviance will provide the instructional and educational design expertise and all of the development personnel, resources and materials to create the Vertigo Learning Hub. In addition, Viviance will also provide all necessary back-end systems required including e-commerce engines, learner management databases, reporting facilities, first-level customer/technical support and hosting.

Viviance will provide these services to Citrix for the Vertigo Learning Hub on a time and materials basis as described in Section 4 (Time and Materials). However, it is Viviance's desire that this project will serve as the catalyst to create a longer-term relationship, where the two parties can continue to serve the e-learning needs of the Citrix community and mutually invest and profit in ongoing e-learning initiatives.

Viviance will design and develop the two major components of the Vertigo Learning Hub project (The Vertigo...
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