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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The main problem of this proposed study is minimizing the use of plastic bags. Specifically it will attempt to answer the following research questions : 1.What are the signs engaging Low self-esteem?

2.What are the causes of low self-esteem?
3.How will low self-esteem affects individuals socialization? 4.How do low self-esteem hurts teenagers?
5.Why there is a need to have a self-esteem?
6.How to deal with low self-esteem?
Based on the foregoing problems, the proponent will formulate the following null hypothesis : 1.The signs are chronic worry about pleasing other people,
negative feelings about their lives,lack of performance towards school assignments. 2.Teenagers go through different challenges. They may not know how to face the challenges and become confused. Some of the factors that cause low self-esteem include:

Rejection by members of the opposite sex
Sibling rivalry
Hormonal mood swings
Poor academic performance
3. Low self-esteem can be threat to one's socialization.Having it would lead him to become a loner. 4 A teenager’s career, relationship with others and overall happiness depends on level of self- confidence,self-esteem helps teenagers to have faith in themselves.Jealousy and distrust can present themselves in teenagers who suffer from negative feelings. These factors lead to painful arguments.Teenagers who have self-esteem problems face different issues. Common issues involve social awkwardness, poor grades, loss of friends, and adjustment problems. 5.There is a need to have self-esteem because Self esteem can also be seen an important ingredient to shaping one's life since low esteem lowers one's confidence in facing real life hardships compared to high self esteem which provides on with sufficient energy to pursue one's dreams hence arriving at success. 6.Parents should make their teens feel better by complimenting the positive aspects in them.Teenagers should...
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