Statement of Research Interests

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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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Statement of Research Interests

1. Participating Research Faculty: Jeff Hollinger
Project: Bone formulation modulation and engineering using biomaterials, biologicals, imaging and histology – histomorphometry Statement of Interest: : I am a sophomore pursuing a double major in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. Over the past summer, I worked in a research laboratory called Sapient Discovery in San Diego. Here, I was exposed to a number of techniques used in biomedical engineering laboratories, which included working at a molecular level with protein synthesis from bacteria. In addition to gaining experience with the instruments used in a laboratory (autoclaving machines, centrifuges, X-ray crystallographer) I was also exposed to protein modeling algorithms that are currently being used to model the structure of synthesized proteins. I was awarded a Small Undergraduate Research Grant through the Undergraduate Research Organization to pursue research in the Material Science and Engineering Department with Dr. Bettinger. I am working on a research project involving the synthesis, characterization and degradation of biodegradable elastomers for potential applications in bioMEMS. I am looking to apply the knowledge I have gained through the past year in regenerative medicine applications. I am interested in Dr.Hollinger’s project involving bone formulation modulation and engineering. Materials that enhance bone regeneration and formulation have the potential for a number of clinical applications. As with the current research project I am working on, designing scaffolds for bone formulation involves engineering materials that match both the mechanical and biological properties of bone tissue matrix. I would look forward to the opportunity to understand the principles involved in developing clinical theories that include cells, signaling molecules, scaffolds and devices in bones. Since I am interested in the medical applications of engineering, this project...
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