Statement of Purpose (Management of Technology)

Topics: Management, Technology, Balance sheet Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: January 29, 2013
I strongly believe that Global business changes rapidly; what an enterprise really needs is accelerated growth. To succeed and sustain, ever-changing economic conditions, business transformation, fast-tracked innovation and efficient operation are significant. It is also important to drive out unnecessary steps in development and administration. Technology plays a prime role in fulfilling this. It is proven that both companies and consumers have benefited from technology-driven improvements such as digital consumer, the emergence of the Cloud and just-in-time inventory management, are some significant examples. My personal inspiration has been farsighted, innovative Steve Jobs. Starting from his Mac to iOS there are many cutting edge technologies offered to diverse customers. The part of him I like best was his ability to bring unfathomable ideas into reality, thus bringing simplicity and luxury into daily life. Like the novelties brought up by Apple, Samsung and many other pioneers, in different fields, there are definitely going to be numerous technological break-through across the globe. The challenge is to successfully integrate technology that would touch all strata of society. I strongly feel that I should be in that phase of management and dispersal of technology. I realized, for any technology to be productive, efficient and competitive, three factors play a major role - Innovation, Engineering and Management. Perfect blend of these lay a solid foundation for “sustainable global growth”. All the above ignited an interest to learn “Management of technology”. A Master's Degree in this major will provide me practical approach in addition to in-depth knowledge, aiding managerial decisions. It would also enable me to develop an expertise in Management of Industrial R&D, IP Management, and ‘Creativity & Innovation’. To compete with the global trends I ought to be shrewd, dynamic and update my knowledge with latest technologies. My career ambition is to work...
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