Statement of Purpose for Engineering Management

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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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Immense capacity to learn new things quickly and put them to maximum utilization using high degree of creativity and proactive initiatives in implementing projects has been my passion.

In my teen age, may be 15, implementation of a mechanised silver spraying system and subsequent paint spraying system, made by me at a start up factory was well appreciated. This incident showed the self interest of mechanical and about machines in me. In 2008, I pursued my under graduate studies in mechanical engineering at St. Joseph’s college of engineering, Chennai.

During my first year in engineering studies I was little playful and didn’t take the subjects so seriously and this fetched arrears in two subjects. Soon, I realised my mistake and took up my studies seriously, but because of a rift between my uncles and my father and seeing my parents’ agony condition, I was mentally disturbed. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and this fetched 5 subjects arrears. But soon I made up my mind and cleared all the arrears and the current semester subjects in a single attempt. The ability to spend long hours and self analysis made this possible. Our HOD (Head of the department) reposed confidence in me on seeing this feat. I was encouraged to lead a team in designing and presenting a paper “STAIRBOT- STAIRCASE CLIMBING WHEELCHAIR” for optimizing the design size of a wheel chair suitable for travelling in any kind of surface in a national level technical symposium in Kakathiya University, Warangal. I made a presentation of “Automatic multilevel vertical car park” for optimising the size of parking area and also the time required for parking a car in a multi-storied building in national level symposium at Valliammai College of Engineering, Chennai. I was a student member of ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers). I attended various seminars and workshops conducted by them like workshop training on “Basic Refrigeration and Air...
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