Statement of Purpose Example

Topics: Great Lakes, Value added, South Korea Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: January 16, 2012
Great lakes ques:

1. What are your professional goals immediately after the completion of MBA?

2. 2. What is your perception of personal ethics Vs professional ethics? If different, can you explain the difference?

3. 3. Please elaborate on one key information that you believe is important for Greatlakes to accept your candidacy.

4. 4. Explain in brief as to how you - as an individual - would add value to your classmates once you are admitted to the school.


I am currently working as Assistant Systems Engineer at TCS. My family has always valued individuality and has inculcated a sense of independence in me. I have been fortunate enough to have been given the freedom to experiment and then take decisions on my life. My Father is a second generation entrepreneur who diversified his company from a trading organisation to a consumer durable distributor. When I was sixteen I was given the opportunity to work for LG electronics as a salesman. Though I hated a job at the time it led to major personality changes. My greatest strength is my perseverance and sincerity in all my tasks. I believe time is a democratic resource and maintain its sanctity.  My principle driven approach and diligence inspired confidence in me. I also cherish reading books on Psychology.

3-4 years down the line, I find myself working in a group of competent people, drawing from their experience and channelizing the group’s energy in a constructive manner. I feel IIT Delhi can help me achieve it as it has an ideal environment conducive to growth and development of my personality as a manager. It will provide me with the invaluable faculty and industrial interface and equip me with the skills a manager must have. It will help me in gaining practical insights into the shades of  life. With its exemplary reputation for a knowledge hub and expert faculty, it has developed brand equity of its own. I hope to utilize the skills gained at...
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