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  • Published : March 9, 2012
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“The Art & Science of building stuff that does stuff at the Nanometer scale” * Richard E Smalley
I am always intrigued by the depth involved and the broad range of sciences, this statement covers, for the purpose of defining Nanotechnology. It is one of the key statements which made this field curious to me. My interest in this field began, when I first came across the essay “There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom” written by Richard P Feynman. And thereafter, from curiosity, I slowly started increasing my awareness regarding the field of Nanotechnology. Science has, and will always, continue to fascinate me. I first experienced the fun in science experiments through the school science fair, where I built a model of Volcano. The experience taught me few ideologies, such as: * Every Natural phenomenon in the world background.

* Implementing the theory through practical methods is Exciting and challenging. * Delivering the idea behind the project to the audience without being too scientific is necessary. * Very importantly, performing calmly under pressure (I was changed from stall no. 72 to 1 without notice on the exhibition day!) and obtaining satisfaction from your project is essential. I applied the above mentioned principles for all the science experiments during my Intermediate and undergraduate study. The kind of feeling obtained from viewing the correct simulation result through Verilog Compiler Simulator (VCS- Synopsys Tool), for the code (CORDIC design) developed after 150 hours of struggle is beyond explanatory words. All the projects that I have performed in my span of education have one thing in common: “The complete understanding of the fundamental concepts and flexibility in using the different concepts according to the requirements of the project” This common thing has helped me in using the C Language, Electronic Devices & Circuits (EDC), Pulse Digital Circuits (PDC), Digital design (DD), Digital...
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