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  • Published : December 24, 2011
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The time I received my diploma, I scheduled a tour to Nanjing University, known as the top university for Astronomy in China, to prepare future study about astrophysics. The lectures impressed me an overall prospective about Astrophysics and their enthusiasm strengthened my focus on this research area. Then I participated in a workshop hosted by National Astronomical Observatory of China (NAOC). NAOC complemented my knowledge of Technologies and Methods in Radio Astronomy which I supposed to be necessary professional skills. With the introduction of fundamental research pattern, Data Analysis and Simulation, I proposed a seminar in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) where a series of presentations prepared me an overview of research frontier. All these experience made up a general sketch of Astrophysics research conducted by Simulation and Data Analysis. And the study seems far from fanciful to imagine impresses me deeply the greatness of humanity. Though we are physically limited, our curiosity & pursuit is no boundaries. So I would be honored to be a part. Looking back, my devotion to Astrophysics is understandable. Astronomy has long been my hobby. I strived to the best high school in the locality to fulfill my eager for a promised reward of an optical telescope. The desire to explore the mysterious universe drove me even more than that point. Participant of Astronomical Association of Province acquaint me with abundant common sense and imagination of the Universe. Besides, I set up an Astronomy Union in school and my two-year terms were awarded Outstanding Organization Head by mayor. Gradually, amateur interest is beyond satisfactory. A further understanding of the nature made me choose Physics as major. 3yrs’ college education witnesses my determination blossoming. Collaboration with partners on Mathematical Contest on Modeling cultivated my computing skills after building 11 models. With cross-discipline projects experience, I found my...
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