Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : November 25, 2011
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Statement of Purpose
The elegance of communication theory is irresistible, for it incorporates the beauty of mathematics with the rapid advancing nature of communication systems. Wireless Foundations of UC Berkeley is my first choice to do groundbreaking research. I would like to begin with self-motivated research proposal for network information theory to show my enthusiasm. Research Proposal for Network Information Theory (NIT)

There are several different methodologies to address network with information theory: 1. General wireless network described by probabilistic channel statistics. The capacity regions of many single-hop networks, such as broadcast channel (BC), relay channel (RC) and interference channel (IC), have been open for many years. But this is not the end of the world. We still need to explore suboptimal coding schemes and extend them to multi-hop networks to improve current technologies. In "Noisy Network Coding", Lim, Kim, El Gamal, Chung 1)apply compress-forward coding scheme to multi-hop network; 2)decode the compression index without Wyner-Ziv binning; 3)simultaneous decode over long blocks, which successfully extended the achievability of compress-forward coding scheme to general networks. I think the price for such a general model is complexity. For example, noise and interference superpose at the receiver. Prof. Tse said that we lack weapon in arsenal to solve general model and suggested deterministic approach in 2007.  

1. Gaussian network with deterministic approach.
Avestimehr, Diggavi and Tse proposed the deterministic channel model to capture the key properties of wireless networks i.e. channel strength, broadcast and superposition. I think the approach originates from interference channel(IC) where El Gamal-Costa IC approximated Gaussian IC. This novel methodology has lots of followers.  

1. Wired network with entropy region.
Besides wireless network, wired network is of practical importance. It has been proved that...
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